A unique Streamliner model
When Maximilian Büsser and Edouard Meylan join creative forces, it really creates some noise! Heads of MB&F and H. Moser & Cie. respectively, both independent, family-sized Swiss companies, these two passionate entrepreneurs never do things by half. Following on from their immensely successful previous collaboration, Max and Edouard both wanted to repeat the experience in aid of the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy led by Only Watch. For this second collaboration, just as in 2020, the worlds of the two brands collide, working together for the enrichment of both. For a single one-off piece, MB&F and H. Moser & Cie. move to the same tempo, inviting the public to enjoy an artistic performance dedicated to showcasing sound. 

Miniature DJ panda 
Baptised by the H. Moser X MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium, this creation refers to the literary capital of hell, Pandemonium – a term which also describes a situation of wild and noisy disorder or confusion. The letter “a” which replaces the “e” is a nod to the miniature panda sculpture that adorns its dial, a creature that has become the signature of the MB&F world, as Max Büsser explains: “Each Only Watch creation is an opportunity for MB&F to see things through the eyes of the children, more specifically those suffering from muscular dystrophy. Our original panda was created as an allegory for Only Watch 2011, and returned in 2021, before now making its third appearance in 2023. This time, it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of music and lose all touch with reality for just a few beats”. For both MB&F and H. Moser & Cie., the notion of pleasure is essential. 

Flying balance wheel and double hairspring 
Taken from the Legacy Machine range, a large suspended balance wheel occupies center stage. This beating heart represents the very essence of watchmaking in the eyes of Max Büsser, and features a double hairspring produced by Precision Engineering AG, H. Moser & Cie.’s sister company. Thanks to this pair of perfectly matched hairsprings, the movement of the point of gravity on each spring when it expands is corrected, significantly improving accuracy and isochronism in continual pursuit of perfection. In addition, the paired hairsprings also reduce the effect of friction normally experienced with a single hairspring, improving isochronism

Ingenuity devoted to enhancing sound 
Within a steel frame on an integrated bracelet, the cushion-shaped case is topped with a domed sapphire crystal. It is water-resistant to 5 ATM. Preserving the proportions and signature curves of the Streamliner collection was no mean feat. The sliding bolt, used to activate the minute repeater mechanism and fitted on a Teflon runner to ensure it slides perfectly smoothly, is built into the main plate to save space. The case middle has been completely hollowed out in order to accommodate the movement while allowing enough space to create a sound box. 

Like a three-dimensional sculpture 
Driving this exceptional creation is the three-dimensional hand-wound HMC 906 calibre, which has been partially skeletonised to allow certain key components of the mechanism to be admired. As it was not possible to cause this movement from underneath, as it usually would be, the assembly concept had to be redesigned. 

A collaboration between friends 
In conclusion, Edouard Meylan emphasizes: “A successful mix of two sets of expertise and DNA which mutually enrich one another, the H. Moser X MB&F Streamliner Pandemonium model is a one-off piece resulting from a unique development process, featuring a unique movement and a unique dial, created especially for Only Watch, and providing us with the opportunity to excel ourselves for a good cause”

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