Luxury watches by Piaget

Excellence in heritage
Piaget has been blurring the boundaries between ‘Swiss watch’ and ‘luxury watch’ since 1874. Drawing on a wealth of ancestral expertise, the Maison imagines each of its luxury watches as the fruit of an exceptional marriage between the watchmaking and jewellery arts. From the finesse of its movements to the brilliance of its precious stones, the Swiss watch becomes a gem in the hands of its master craftsmen. 

Always do better than necessary
While Piaget’s luxury watches have always been synonymous with sophistication, the Manufacture has also played a starring role since 1957, thanks to the technology of its ultra-thin movements. A masterpiece of daring and watchmaking skill, the Swiss watch by Piaget calls upon more than one hundred crafts to push back the limits of thinner. It. Is an art that the Maison has crowned with precious or hard stone-set cases, dials and bracelets for its luxury watches. Certain skeleton movements, among the thinnest in the world, bear diamonds even on their functional parts - as unique a feat in the world of men’s luxury watches as it is in that of women’s luxury watches.

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