Chopard Horological Wine Pairing Private Event

Timepieces hosts a fantastic horological wine pairing journey with Chopard

On 15 September 2022, 10 distinguished guests were invited to CUTS in the luxurious Rosewood Hotel, Phnom Penh to experience an opulent night of great food, paired with incredible wines and Chopard’s top-class watches. The horological wine pairing, hosted by TIMEPIECES was designed to engage all five senses, culminating in an experience that guests will not soon forget.

Even set amidst the breathtaking views of Phnom Penh, the Chopard watches and beautiful wines were still the star of the show

The night began with welcome drinks, and just to break the ice, guests were surprised with a dessert plating activity. Under the guidance of a Rosewood chef, they were provided with all the materials to create their dessert masterpieces that would then be served to them at the end of the meal.

Engaging in a mutual activity is the best way to break the ice and kickstart the night’s festivities

Next, the unsuspecting guests were ushered into a second room, with no clue what to expect. They were greeted by a verdant floral centerpiece within a room surrounded by three open displays of Chopard watches to admire, while taking in the panoramic view of Phnom Penh from the 37th floor of the hotel.

The floral arrangement was only a temporary distraction as guests became enthralled by Chopard watches set on the open case display

Watches for both men and women were displayed, allowing all guests to find something that would look perfect on their wrists

After piquing their interest with Chopard’s exquisite offerings, all were invited into an intimate dinner setting where they would embark on a dining experience filled with gourmet food, delectable wines and fine watches. Throughout each of the five meal courses, the distinguished people at the dinner table would acquire new knowledge and discover the intrinsic connection between the drinks served and Chopard’s watches.

Mr. Pau Infante, the Wholesale Director of Chopard, provided invaluable information about the brand’s watches while Ms. Eden Gnean, the Sommelier and Manager of CUTS, introduced each of the drinks that would pair with the watches and the dishes placed before each guest. Not satisfied with just a visual presentation, TIMEPIECES arranged the actual watches to be presented to guests throughout the dinner so that they could also engage their sense of touch.

Guests discover the intricacies and details that have been infused into each of Chopard’s creations

Overall, it was a night of gastronomical proportions, filled with a range of food and drinks to satiate a sophisticated palate, and enough horological wonders to impress even the most stalwart of watch enthusiasts.

After sight, touch, and sound, it was time to engage the senses of taste and smell with beautifully prepared dishes by CUTS

Before the end of the night, each invitee received a Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV Champagne, a drink highlighted during the dinner course, and either a Chopard candle or leather pouch as a souvenir to remember this fantastical night.

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