Roger Dubuis Private Viewing Event

The 2016 Novelties Of Roger Dubuis Viewed In A Perfectly Warm And Cozy Environment

Roger Dubuis is a brand best understood when viewed up close. Therefore, Timepieces organized a showcase from 22 to 23 November 2016 at Vattanac Capital Mall, Phnom Penh’s most prestigious commercial address, exhibiting how Roger Dubuis managed to take disruptive materials and progressive complications to create incredible mechanics.

The private viewing event was held just in time for the arrival of the 2016 novelties of Roger Dubuis and was presented to 40 of Timepieces most esteemed guests. The watches were from three excellent collections within Roger Dubuis, including Excalibur, Homage and Velvet. For 2016, the brand shined the spotlight on women, offering a gorgeous array of jewellery timepieces inspired by the Golden Age Divas of Hollywood that were both inspiring and beautiful.

To do the watches justice, the venue had to be transformed into a luxurious living room concept, creating the perfect ambience to appreciate the watches. The color of choice for the event was white and gold, but a generous application of velvet, leather and wooden elements was also used to create a comfortable and warm environment to mimic that of a luxurious, private home.

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