The House Of Breguet Private Dinner

Discovering The House of Breguet Through Dinner, Conversation and The Art of Bread Making

On the 4th of October 2022, TIMEPIECES Cambodia transformed The Pavilion of the Rosewood Hotel Phnom Penh into the perfect venue to discover the House of Breguet. This exclusive event was attended by 15 of Cambodia’s finest joining Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, the Vice President of Montres Breguet and Head of Patrimony of the brand.

The Pavilion was transformed to create the perfect ambience for watch appreciation

Throughout the four-course dinner, guests were taken on a journey highlighting the past and present of Breguet, a nearly 250-year-old brand. The Pavilion was designed in such a way that it resembled a cozy home with an open kitchen offering guests a relaxed environment where they could engage in scintillating conversation. On one side, there was the intimate dining area, adorned with panels highlighting key brand stories while on the other side there was a fully equipped bread-making room.

Large panels were used to immerse the viewer in Breguet’s rich and storied history.

Before guests were seated for the first course of Lobster Salad, a welcome speech was given by Mr. Emmanuel Breguet followed by a tour of the panels containing Breguet’s storied history. Then, after explaining how watchmaking shared very similar components to bread-making, guests were invited to try their hand at creating their very own Brioche Knot. Through the guidance of the Rosewood Chef, everyone had an enjoyable time showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship during the breadmaking process.

By engaging guests to make something with their own hands, their experience became all the more memorable.

Throughout the remaining courses of Shiitake Consommé, Wagyu Tenderloin or Cod, and desert of Berry Mille-Feuille, guests also discovered the previously launched Breguet Reine de Naples Angkor Wat Collection, a special collaboration piece between TIMEPIECES and Maison Breguet. Additionally, on display was the Breguet Classique collection, offering purist-driven designs based on traditional watchmaking philosophies.

With open case displays, guests were free to get up close to each of Breguet’s mechanical wonders.

This year’s novelty, the Breguet Marine Hora Mundi was also available for guests to admire and try on. This fantastic watch offers a unique instant-jump GMT where instead of representing this function with an additional hand, the watch will instantly jump between home and local time at a push of a button. Not only does the hour hands jump, the date and day/night indicator will also jump accordingly.

There is nothing quite like seeing a Breguet on your wrist. Imagine wearing almost 250 years of history beneath the cuff of your sleeve.

Overall, each of the invited guests were thoroughly entertained throughout the evening as they adjourned at the end of the event with smiles all around. Just before their departure however they were presented with their own Brioche, the ones made with their own hands to take home and share with their loved ones.

There was a sense of pure joy and amusement when guests saw for the first time how their Brioche turned out.

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