Timepieces Grand Opening

Glitz and Glamour at the Official Launch of Timepieces

After a long-anticipated wait, Timepieces finally opened the doors of its boutique in the prestigious Vattanac Capital Mall in Phnom Penh on 1 August 2015. As guests were welcomed inside, they were greeted by exquisite watches from some of the world’s most exceptional watchmakers including Cartier, Franck Muller, Chopard, Hublot and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Timepieces, a brand under the Horography & Karat Pte Ltd company was officially launched by the owners Mr. Holic Tandijono and Mrs. Kanika Sam Ang, both highly respectable figures in the luxury and finance sectors respectively. In Mr. Tandijono's opening address to the customers and VIP guests of Timepieces, he proclaimed that the boutique’s strong design is a direct reflection of both the aesthetics and craftsmanship of the products displayed within. He also went on to highlight the boutique’s mission of allowing customers to discover more about the watch brands and its products through the excellent knowledge of their watch specialists.

To continue the wonderful and jubilant atmosphere of the evening, guests were served delicious canapés paired with a generous flowing of champagne and wine. And as a soundtrack to the glorious and auspicious opening of the Timepieces boutique, a live band was on hand to perform and entertain the guests.

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