Chronoswiss, established in 1983 by master watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, has thrived under the innovative leadership of the Ebstein family since February 2012. Renowned for crafting exceptional mechanical Swiss timepieces, Chronoswiss marries unparalleled watchmaking prowess with a rebellious design philosophy and pioneering materials.

The signature competencies of Chronoswiss shines in the delicate artistry of hand guilloché and enameling, techniques that elevate the creations from the Atelier Lucerne to the zenith of horological art. Chronoswiss seamlessly meld timeless craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, marking timepieces with a character that are unmistakable ahead of the curve. They are modern statements, redefining style and sophistication for the 21st century.

Every piece crafted at Chronoswiss resonates with the ethos: Modern Mechanical. They stand as robust companions for the contemporary connoisseur, embodying our relentless pursuit to redefine the standards and push the boundaries of horological innovation. With Chronoswiss you can experience a journey where traditional artistry and avant-garde vision converge, crafting legacies and sculpting time.

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