Founded in 1822, Maison BOVET met with immediate success all over the world. The Bovet brothers brought decorative arts like miniature painting, enameling, engraving, and gem-setting to an unprecedented level of excellence that is still unrivaled today.

Over the past decades, Maison BOVET has also set itself apart with its numerous innovations, both technical and aesthetic. The Bovet brothers are also recognized as the first to use transparent case-backs.

Mr. Pascal Raffy acquired the Maison as the sole owner in 2001 with the aim of protecting and sustaining this treasure trove of expertise that can be found nowhere else. In record time, he brought together all the professions and procedures that go into producing timepieces, all with total respect for the traditional craftsmanship of high watchmaking. Cases, dials, hands, and movements are produced in-house at two sites.

The movements manufacture employs 65 artisans in 43 different roles. This concentration of expertise makes it possible to produce each and every component, like the traditional hairspring that only a handful of companies around the world have mastered. The virtuosity of the artisans is renowned, and many watchmaking brands draw on them for supply of their own components, as do companies in the medical, electronics, and aviation fields, which are all known for their exacting standards.

The case makers master all the artistic and technical skills required to produce these parts.

Thanks to its total independence and absolute mastery of all the elements that go into a timepiece, Maison BOVET holds a unique position in the watchmaking world.

This philosophy affords Maison BOVET a unique place in the watchmaking world by defining the measure of time in its finest expression, as witnessed by the 40 awards and prizes the Maison has received over the last 18 years. Moreover, ancestral, artisanal traditional watchmaking does not exclude the keen sense of innovation demonstrated by the 17 patents filed since 2006.

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