Bvlgari Alumunium GMT Amerigo Vespucci Special Edition


Departure time is drawing near, as the Italian Navy’s Amerigo Vespucci training ship pursues the destiny of the famous Florentine explorer. The vessel’s motto has guided the vocation of generations of officers since 1931. The call to explore and to excel is the basis for the audacity, constancy and endurance of a watch that Bvlgari dedicates to the spirits of this ship: the Bvlgari Alumunium GMT Amerigo Vespucci Special Edition. The sails are billowing in a favourable wind, so prepare to discover your new compass.

Italian esprit de corps and perseverance

The watch is a fitting tribute to the Italian Navy ship, the Vespucci, and its heritage. It opens up a colour palette reminiscent of the proud vessel. The “Aluminium GMT” model enables the time in the second time zone to be read off with the help of the luminescent arrow-shaped hand that makes one full turn of the dial in 24 hours. Two contrasting 12-hour zones in black and yellow help distinguish between day and night, while echoing the Vespucci’s gilded and deep black railings. The GMT hand is independently adjusted when the watch’s titanium crown is pulled out to the second position.

The Super-LumiNova®-coated hour-markers and white hands evoke memories of starry nights guiding sailors. The yellow rhodium-plated hand displays the seconds. The date function is integrated at 3 o’clock. This 40 mm-diameter aluminium model is water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres. The titanium caseback bears the signature “Nave Scuola Amerigo Vespucci” and its engraved motto. The articulated rubber strap, a characteristic element of the Bvlgari Aluminium models, meets the dual requirement of robustness and flexibility while enabling all kinds of audacity in this watch intended for natural-born explorers.

Vespucci was a famous 15th century adventurer. Following in the footsteps of the Florentine explorer who was the first to reach the American continent, the Amerigo Vespucci, a three- masted Italian Navy ship, is a veritable institution. This training vessel instils the values of excellence, tradition and service to the community into the minds of young Italian officers during a formative voyage. ‘Esprit de corps’: more than a sum of various qualities, it is the coherence of various elements, the mutual enhancement of their excellence that determines the success of a group and holds fast to the course of its objectives despite potential obstacles. This is the very essence of the Italian vision of perseverance.

Resolutely new-wave aesthetics

Within two generations, the Bvlgari Aluminium has asserted its unconventional approach. A vision born in 1998, that of combining aluminium and rubber to create a pure aesthetic featuring a black and white graphic design, defined by its comfort and sportiness. Since 2020, its case has been fitted with an automatic movement, an additional horological element that reinforces the sophistication of a luxury watch known for its boldness. The timepiece thus features Calibre BVL 192, a self-winding mechanical movement beating at a frequency of 4Hz.

With the Aluminium GMT Amerigo Vespucci Special Edition, Bvlgari embodies more forcefully than ever the new wave of Italian watchmaking. An aesthetic that plays with convention while perpetuating heritage. It breaks with the strict conventions of traditional watchmaking and offers the comfort of a unique, sporty, reliable and modern watch. It exudes the spicy flavour of travel and timelessness. A navigation instrument worthy of the great Italian explorers.

Like a challenge to the commands of time, the Bvlgari Aluminium GMT sets a new course with this Amerigo Vespucci Special Edition, sailing in the wake of the great explorers. It is a celebration of the discoveries that revolutionised the era, as well as of perseverance and team spirit. Whether on gentle waves, rough seas or dry land, it renews the intensity of a unique experience and extends an invitation to savour the voluptuous joys of travel, while looking confidently to the future.

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