Timepieces x Breguet Reine de Naples Angkor Wat Collection

Breguet Reine de Naples Angkor Wat collection 

Inspired by the rich history and the intricate craftsmanship of the Angkor Wat, TIMEPIECES collaborates with the renowned Maison Breguet to create two Reine de Naples references that offer a piece of Cambodian history right on its dials. There is a growing demand among Cambodia’s elite for unique, customized timepieces and jewellery. Unfortunately, there is very little representation of Cambodian heritage in the luxury market. Thus, to satiate the demand of our clients and as an opportunity to elevate Cambodia to an international level, TIMEPIECES decided to collaborate with Breguet to create this collection. By using the Angkor Wat as the inspiration, the watch pays tribute to this historical wonder, honors the artisans that built it, and forges a new future by building on the legacy of our forefathers.

Exceptional Heritage

Cambodia is a country rich in culture, customs and a strong history, which stretches back to the mighty Angkor Empire. This historical civilization was the creator of the Angkor Wat which today is about 900 years old. Often hailed as an intricate architectural masterpiece and the largest religious monument in the world, the Angkor Wat temple was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the first half of the 12th century. This year marks the 30th Anniversary since it was put on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

With so much history written within its walls, it was only fitting that we find a brand that shares this same sense of historical legacy. Breguet counts itself among one of the oldest watchmaking manufacturers in the world with a history dating back over 200 years and is considered by many to be pioneers in the watch history.

Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie-Antoinette were early enthusiasts of Breguet’s watchmaking and with every age, they garnered more prominent fans including the likes of General Napoleon Bonaparte and Sir Winston Churchill.

The Reine de Naples collection we chose for this collaboration was inspired by the world’s very first wristwatch made in 1810 as jewellery for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat. Considering its heritage, there is no better collection to debut the first jewellery watch that is representative of Cambodia. A case made for a queen to showcase a monument built by a king.

A Story of Stories

It is on the monumental stone structures of the Angkor Wat that you will find Cambodia’s most famous stone carvings, revered for their scale, lavishness and intricacy of their sculpture. It is on these nearly 2,000 sqm of bas-relief engravings that the Angkor Empire told their stories. Through intricate details crafted deftly onto the sandstone, these stories have been preserved for hundreds of years. These carvings represent a passion and a livelihood for multiple generations of Cambodians as even today the art continues to be relevant and much appreciated.

Just as the craftsmen of old worked on the Angkor Wat with their hands, the dial of the Breguet Reine de Naples Angkor Wat collection was also created by the hands of a father and son team, Pasquale and his son. Together they devote hundreds of hours to create these stunning miniature tableaus that reveal the natural colors of every shell unique in tone, opacity and depth within. Working with seashell, an incredibly delicate material, the artisans painstakingly recreate a massive monument within a miniature space. The amount of detail they have managed to achieve is a testament to their mastery of the craft.

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